I Want That!

I need one of these armour/armor full finger rings so badly! Pleeeeease tell me where to get one, searched ebay and it was hard to find one that was as cool as these.

2 responses to “I Want That!

  1. Armor rings are becoming more and more the in thing and with so many celebrities wearing them it is no wonder as to why. I am a true fan of the full finger ring or armor ring as it is so often referred to…

    In fact I was so taken by these stylish gothic gems that I even created a website that offers an entire collection as well as in depth information as to what the Armor Ring attraction is all about.

    The site I created can be found by going to=> http://www.squidoo.com/armor-ring

    Warm Regards,

    Clive Anderson

  2. Number A (No. A) in the Little Tokyo section of downtown LA has a bunch of armor rings! The kind that look like armadillo armor, the full length shield rings…everything. Great prices, from $14-22!! 374 E. 2nd Street, LA, CA 90012 right on the corner of 2nd and Central. http://www.number-a.com

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