I’m way obsessed with my new finger armor ring. It makes me feel like a sexy bohotronic robot. It’s inspired my photoshoot at the bottom…that and the fact that I’m not a Mac person and the x-ray effect in photobooth is quite intoxicating.

1st pic: Ring-Ebay from Taiwan/ Shades- Ksubi/ Top- H&M/ Tights-Hue

2 responses to “BOHOTRONIC

  1. ciao!
    I JUST noticed ur comment on my blog and I wanted to thank u! I just started blogging and have fallen miserably behind over the holiday; in fact I was in LA! I am desperate to be bi-coastal, especially when it gets so bitter in nyc like now.

    I LOVE ur blog! The ring is very modern-robotic…very Gagaesque, no?

    I’d love to keep in touch!


    What is that sort of turtleneck halter you’re wearing? Why all the pics of Audrey? Do you know her…she is SO FABULOUS. A tangential friend of mine.

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